Need Assistance with setting up your Lab?

The Midwest Team is proud to start offering consulting services for Cultivation; both set up and day to day operations, Bulk and Craft Extractions, and Infused Product Manufacturing. With nearly 50 collective years of cannabis cultivation, processing, and manufacturing experience between the Midwest team members, we are confident that we can help your group or project to meet and exceed the ever-changing demands of the cannabis industry. Reach out to to set up an appointment or facility review.

• Solventless processing & all forms of known mechanical separation including and not limited to Dry Sifting, Ice Water Extraction, and Rosin
• Closed Loop Hydrocarbon processing including and not limited to all forms of Alcohol: Ethyl, Ethanol & all major Alkanes: Propane, Butane, Pentane, etc…
• Short Path Distillation, Rotary Evaporators, Thin Film, Cold Traps
• Edible & Cartridge manufacturing
• Blending and Mixing Terpenes
• Crystallization Techniques
• In depth knowledge of CBD and related cannabinoids
• Product development
• 40+ years collective cultivation and processing experience

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