Happy Holidabs everyone!

Considering the significance of today we figured we were due for a small update about progress and production.  Here is where we are as of today, 7/10.  Since our last update we have started molding the new heat resistant clamp pads.  We are expecting an additional 5 more samples this week with the updated backer pads for review and testing.

Despite not having personally tested these new backer pads yet, we are confident with our manufacturing team and have sent payment to our manufacturer to complete the first 500 units.  We have been quoted 16-21 days to complete production.

The next hurdle we face is with Irwin tools, since Irwin was recent acquired by Stanley Black & Decker.  The timing couldn’t be worse, but our rep has assured us the clamps we need are available. They just don’t have any way to sell them to us during the merger.  Our solution is to source them from existing Irwin distributors, however since we are seeking a particular model (XP600), we need to run an internal report to see who has current stock available.  Once we locate our models in bulk we’ll place an order.

We’ve also received several messages about spotting Cannaclamps in the wild.  There are indeed several units out for testing and evaluation.  These are the first prototype we made and only have a few of them that we sent out to company affiliates.  The unit you guys will be receiving will be tested, and include the updated backer pads.

We hope everyone had a dab filled Monday.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the interim.  We’re always available for a call or email.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

Take care,

Steve & Midwest Concentrates

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