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Guide & Understanding

With that said we’ve established quite the Affiliate System.

Anyone who signs up instantly earns 10% Commissions for any Direct Website Leads they Generate from their Custom Link.

Example: My Affiliate Link is:

Notice: 1 = My User ID. You will have a different User ID # and will need to either remember to use and remember your number.

A suggestion for sharing would be Short Linking or purchase your own domain to share that Forwards to your Affiliate ID.

Example: or both offer the ability to Shorten your URL to make sharing easier on your Profile or Social Media Platform.

Now you can shoot off confidently your Link and get friends and customers clicking knowing we have cookies tracking all links and will reward you on any successful purchases via Paypal or Check.

Want to sell to Stores? Drop shipped?

We offer 5% Commissions for the LIFE of the Account you have signed up & maintain at Wholesale.

Demo Units are not considered Sales.

You or your STORE can Register HERE

Have the store Purchase HERE

Make Sure the Store Notes Your Affiliate ID# With their Purchase Notes Section.


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