About Us

The Midwest family of companies was founded in 2015 in Central Ohio.  Our first company, Midwest Dry Sift manufactures and distributes affordable, top quality, American made dry sifting screens & kits.  We provide sift kits for several well known companies including Xtractor Depot and Best Value Vacs.  

Our parent company, Midwest Concentrates was established in late 2015 as we broadened our scope of products and services.  Our most well known product is the CannaClamp (Patent Penting – released summer 2017) which has become one of the most well known and most sold rosin presses on the market to date.

We are a small business and enjoy having personal relationships with our customers.  If you would like to learn more about solventless processing or our products feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.

About Midwest Dry Sift

All of our kits are made in the Midwest. We assemble all of our kits by hand in Columbus, Ohio. Midwest Dry Sift provides custom solutions for producers and extractors with a wide variety of needs and requests.

Midwest offers several different levels of standard sifting kits; the 2 screen Rosin Sift Kit™, the 3 screen Quick Sift Kit™ and the 4 screen Cup Kit™. Midwest also has a personal sized 8×8 sifting box, available in different mesh counts as well. Midwest kits were developed and assembled based on years of hash making and client feedback. Midwest customers are also able to substitute different mesh counts in any kit to better suit their goals or material.  

Midwest frames are constructed from furniture grade poplar wood or aluminum. We offers a lifetime warranty against frame warping (restrictions apply). Send you frame back to us and we’ll replace it, all you pay is shipping!  


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